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How long does it usually take to do an average kitchen?

It usually takes no more than 8 days to do a kitchen?

You need to factor in the size (how many doors and drawer faces you have). If a specialty finish is applied it can take an extra 

What is the process?

We remove all the doors, drawer faces and all hardware. Make a plan of the kitchen and take the doors to our shop to be sanded and sprayed. The bases are done on site, with minimal dust. In most cases you do not need to remove your items from the cabinets as they are covered before sanding and painting.

Will my kitchen be out of commission while the work is being done?

Yes, but the bases are painted every 48 hours. After 12-15 hours, they are dry enough to use the kitchen. It is best to plan not to use it heavily if you can for that week.

Are the cabinets durable?

I use an extremely durable, self priming alkyd paint. I guarantee the finish for one full year after the painting is done and leave each client with a touch up kit. I will be happy to do touch ups for you for no cost during that first year.

Can we do a sample first?

Yes. Most clients have seen my work in their friends houses. It's nice to see what we have chosen is going to look like before we proceed.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. I require a 25% deposit on all jobs at the start.

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